A school day like any other - and yet completely different

As every morning, my dog Cora wakes me up at 6 a.m. Does he actually have an internal clock? Then I feed my rabbits in the garden, then I cycle to my favorite bakery, then eat a fresh roll for breakfast and make my way to school.

Everything as usual and yet completely different.

Instead of going to school, I currently have the shortest way to school that you can imagine. I comfortably go to my room with my jogging pants and log into the school cloud.

Because of the current pandemic, our actions have been kepton a minimum.

There are no school lessons.

There are no meetings with friends.

There are no visits to my grandparents.

There are no soccer trainings, let alone soccer games.

I mostly like the online tasks of the teachers. Although art is not one of my strengths, the voluntary task there has so far spurred my creativity the most.

I like that I can now listen to music during "school time". I have created a playlist for each subject. Right now the song "Numb" by Linkin Park is playing. Music inspires me.

Of course, we, me and my soccer team, have to keep fit every day in order to be able to build on our successes in advancing. To do this, our coachesgave us a demanding training plan that we have to carry out on a daily basis. This is my personal highlight every day.

But will the season continue?

Or will it be cancelled?

Or will the current standings be counted as the teams' final position?

These questions still haunt my head today. I miss my team, the cabin talks and the cool sayings of my trainers.

But hopefully the sooner all people stick to the measures, the better the situation will relax. But can we go back to our normal everyday life so easily?

What is this time doing to us?

Did you consciously shape us?

I hope that people will finally appreciate what they have or what the world has to offer.

Maybe soccer games will take place again without xenophobic and racist statements, without hostility from the referee. Maybe football games can then simply be enjoyed.

Maybe people will realize that having your hair cut by a hairdresser or visiting a restaurant is not a matter of course.

Maybe people will understand if the orders don't come immediately and the waiting time is 15 to 30 minutes.

Maybe you go to small shops again and again to buy an exciting book, shoes or other things that you just see or need there. So maybe you see old friends again and get into an interesting conversation, because maybe right now you will realize that it is not a matter of course to be able to see your friends or all family members, but that you have to enjoy these small, wonderful moments, because they can't be there any moment, just like now.

I am not allowed to visit my grandparents and my 98-year-old great-grandmother, I do not know when they will see them again. I am concerned about their health.

I hope that the virus will finally stimulate thinking and questioning, in a way it is a role model for society, because it does not differentiate between skin color, nationality, religion, political beliefs, gender, race, language, home and origin, he prefers and does not disadvantage!

Tonight I will call my friends again, because we stick together more than ever in this difficult time. And when we all meet again, it will be completely different.

Let us all stand together and let us start tothink about a new art of living on earth!



Text: Scott Konrad, 8/6

Foto: Albert, 8/5

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