In the beginning the joy was great

many relaxed and fun days at home

sleep in and own teaching hours were added

the time with the family is good.

     But with time i missed my everyday life

     where are my friends

     what is going on here

     life has become so one-sided.

My day is just getting up, do homeschool, eating and sleeping.

Online shopping and social media filling my free time.

It’s hard to believe, but I miss school.

     by Lara, 9/5


Concrete Poetry "corona virus": by Emma, 9/5

Während der Pandemie regelmäßig im Fontiweb: der Lockdown Blog. Schüler*innen beschreiben ihren Umgang mit dem "New Normal". Teil 3 kommt aus Herrn Wenzels Klasse mit POETRY.  Und ihr so?